Hawk & Fern

Boutique Thrift


Here at Hawk & Fern I aim to create environmentally conscious inspiration.

This store’s journey started when I was a young woman - dreaming of cultivating an environmentally conscious life. I utilized my inspiration by thrifting clothes to express my style. Thrift and vintage stores were like museums - each item a unique art piece that I could put on display. Excitingly, reusing thrifted clothing decreases the daily impact on our environment. This passion for reusing goods blended into reducing waste in my day to day life.

Through this business, I hope to bring awareness of our impact on the environment. As Newton famously said: “For each action has an equal and opposite reaction.” Taking responsibility for our actions is just one of the ways we can express gratitude towards Mother Earth.

Along with my husband’s and my interest in photography and design, we gathered a collection of clothing for fun photo shoots - this shop is the result of that collection. Each item has been hand-picked over years of curation and photographed with intent.

Your interest in this small business supports my family for which I am eternally grateful.